2024 Trends – “Slow Content”

Make content evergreen and repurpose it across multiple platforms.

adventure content marketing

Pumping out large numbers of poorly curated social media posts won’t cut it anymore. Time to focus on “connecting” with customers over “collecting” vanity metrics.

Like brands who advocate for slow or “sustainable fashion” and encourage customers to wear their clothing longer, we advocate for “sustainable content” and encourage brands to make their content evergreen and use a multi-channel promotion strategy.

With no direction, brands spend lots of time producing sub-par content for social media that disappears fast. We focus on positioning content with SEO in mind, to maximise video potential and save brands both time and money.

At a pre-production stage, we can inform content production based on user search (what people are looking for). We then produce video with all corresponding assets to fulfil a multi-channel promotion strategy across web, SEO, PR, social media, and email marketing. The content is evergreen, and once created, passively brings in sales with little maintenance.