Kendal Mountain Tour 2024

Highlights from the UK film festival celebrating outdoor adventure and mountain culture.

kendal mountain tour

We visited Alnwick Playhouse this week for the Kendal Mountain Tour, where they showed a selection of award winning films showcasing stories of human resilience in the great outdoors. Two films stood out to us as easy favourites:

I am gonna be the biggest fat black athlete on a mountain bike and I’m not stopping until it’s done.

Leo Smith, the self-proclaimed bodge job, embraces the city of Manchester as his urban jungle where he rides his bike and enjoys photography. His contagious creative spirit has created an area for the sport that’s welcoming to all.

Have you ever heard the term “plant blind”? It means that the majority of people just do not notice plants.

This is a heartwarming portrait of 97-year old Dr Margaret Bradshaw who celebrates the beauty of Teesdale and its abundance of plants. She reminds us to turn our phones off
for a moment, use our 5 senses, and notice what we haven’t seen.