Launch, measure, adjust, repeat.

If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.

Too often we believe that we get only one chance to launch a product or a business, that the first splash is all that matters. We somehow feel that there’s magic in the first time we open our digital doors to the public.

The problem with this thinking is that most launches aren’t huge successes. They can be slightly profitable, but often things don’t pay off as quickly as we hoped, because we’re still mostly guessing in the beginning.

WD-40 is named after its 39 failures and 1 success. Originally it was created for the aerospace industry, but it became so popular with employees using it for other tasks that it was brought to retail, where it thrived.

Do it, then fix it.

Only after you’ve launched can you then start to measure data and collect key insights. Launching is a continual process of launch, measure, adjust, repeat.